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Fitting In To The Radness. Or Not.

There are times when I feel like "Where the heck do I fit in to all this radness?"  Maybe you can relate.

There's no question in MY mind that I have an amazing life. But I don't live in an Instagram-worthy revamped bus and travel the country with my nine dogs. I don't have a flourishing organic garden.  I'm not a badass lady shredder, a yogi, an adventure junkie, or an extreme...anything. 

Again, maybe you can relate.  But maybe what you are is a person who lives in a regular old apartment and can brighten the day of someone you love with a loaf of your perfect banana bread.  Or you're a mediocre mandolin player (like me!) who has a knack for saying just what someone needs to hear when they need to hear it.  Maybe you're exceptional at seeing and tending to all the details or you're really good at staying in touch with the people who are meaningful to you.  

We're told all the time to "Just Do You," but I often think there's a hidden subtitle that says "Just Make Sure You Are Interesting Enough and Aesthetically Pleasing". 

There really is beauty, substance, and immense value in each of our lives and what we have to offer.  So let's let our little lights shine, even if they're not disco lights.  


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