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Sizing Chart

The fabric has a good amount of stretch, so don't worry if you don't fit exactly into the specs for one size. 

If you have any questions about finding your correct size just shoot me an email at orly@getyournickers.com or a text at (307) 690-9023 and I'll get you squared away!

Extra Petite:  Waist: 20-23"   Hip: 26-28"

Petite:  Waist: 23-25"   Hip: 28-32"

XS:  Waist: 25-30"   Hip: 33-36"  

S:    Waist: 28-32"   Hip: 37-39"  

M:   Waist: 31-35"   Hip: 39-43"   

L:    Waist: 34-39"   Hip: 43-47"   

XL:  Waist: 38-43"   Hip: 45-51"