Here's a bit about what makes Nickers unique:

•  Founded, owned, operated, designed and sewn by women.

•  Superior temperature regulation and moisture wicking: GEO Cool fabric provides 3000% greater thermal conductivity than polyester polymer, which means you stay fresher and more comfortable. 

• At least a 5% improvement in instant cooling.  The cooling particles are mineral (not chemical) and are locked into the fiber structure, so they won't wash out over time.

• They're lightweight but NOT see-through, so you can wear them as a base layer or on their own.

• The seams stretch with your body:  Patented Activeseam Comfort is 30% stronger and has the ability to stretch 100% further than a conventional seam.

•  Small-batch made in the States of imported fabric. 

Nickers are about taking something common (leggings) and elevating them from the ground up by using the highest performing fabric and construction and supporting small-batch domestic manufacturing to bring you the perfect garment for the ride of Your life. 

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