Nickers were born from the desire for a base layer to suit my needs during the summer months when I'm riding long days for my job as a camp cook in the Wyoming wilderness.  I often wondered "Why isn't someone making what I and every other lady rider needs?!", so decided to make the garment I'd been looking for.  I wanted us all to have respite from the only "fly in the Chardonnay" when it comes to riding - the skin irritation that our legs suffer from long hours in the saddle - and to make a garment that would solve that problem AND stand on it's own.  I couldn't help but see the many other moments where a cooling garment with small, minimal seams would come in handy:  Hiking, biking, under waders while fishing, and as a comfortable day-to-day piece of clothing. 

I'm proud and excited to partner with fabric innovator drirelease and small batch, women-owned and operated manufacturer JLD-Studios using the technology of Activeseam to bring you a garment constructed with lightweight fabric (that's NOT see-through) embeded with active cooling properties that won't wash out over time and the softest, strongest seam on the market situated to avoid friction areas while on the ride of your life!

I'm so excited to share Nickers with you!  Give us a follow on Instagram @getyournickers and #getyournickers.