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My/Nickers' Story


Hello! I'm Orly, founder and owner of Nickers.  I grew up on a little farm in New Hampshire. As homeschoolers our family took great pleasure in riding our horses on the old trails and logging roads through the forests from our house and competing in horse shows on the weekends.  A life-long love of the West and a seasonal job in my teens led to a move to Wyoming and a job cooking for packtrips and a horseback hunting camp in the Teton Wilderness.  Since making my home in Wapiti I've been fortunate to continue this work that I love.  It brings me so much pleasure to be part of sharing the beauty and mystery of the backcountry from the back of a horse.

On a cross-country road trip with my sister (since we had time to talk about EVERYTHING), one topic that came up was the annoying little red bumps we get on our legs during the busy summer and fall seasons when we're riding all the time.  Having had similar conversations with other women we knew we weren't the only ones in this boat.  Wouldn't it be wonderful, we said, to provide women (including us!!) with a prevention to this?  Something with a soft waist that wouldn't bunch up under your jeans while you're riding, that would keep you cool (it's hard to want to add a layer when it's 95 degrees out), and wouldn't cause any seam irritation.  Something geared toward the needs of a rider...and every woman who wants to be cool and comfortable while going about whatever life puts in front of her.

My Dad always encouraged me to be my own boss and work for myself.  With this advice lingering in the back of my mind, my growing desire to move in that direction and now a problem to solve, Nickers started percolating.