Hello! I'm Orly, founder and owner of Nickers.  I grew up on a little farm in New Hampshire. As homeschoolers our family took great pleasure in riding our horses on the old trails and logging roads through the forests from our house and competing in horse shows on the weekends.  A life-long love of the West and a seasonal job in my teens led to a move to Wyoming and a job cooking for packtrips and a horseback hunting camp in the Teton Wilderness.  Since making my home in Wapiti I've been fortunate to continue this work that I love on this side of the hill.  It brings me so much pleasure to be part of sharing the beauty and mystery of the backcountry from the back of a horse.

When we were kids our Granny always told us to wear silk long underwear under our jeans when we were riding so our legs wouldn't get irritated.  20 years later, after working on ranches, cooking in the backcountry and being asked this question by our guests (and wondering it myself) I decided it was time to get to the bottom of the question "What do I wear so that my legs don't get chafed while I'm riding?."

My Dad always encouraged me to be my own boss and work for myself.  With this advice lingering in the back of my mind, my growing desire to move in that direction and now a problem to solve, Nickers started percolating.   I hope you use them and love them as much as I do!